Office Practicum 20x20 Tradeshow Booth

Designing a booth for a 20x20 space was an exciting experience. Every year Office Practicum goes to a nationwide tradeshow for pediatrics and has a 20x20 floor space. The new graphics for this booth needed to go with all of the other branding, as well as be open and inviting while sales people were giving demos, and have a back space open for more personal 1-on-1 conversations.

On the right is the mock up files showing the dimensions and placement of the booth files. For the front panels, there was a brief introduction to what the demos would contain, and on the back were client testimonials that would resonate with the audience who went back there for their personal demonstration.

Below are images showing the final construction of the booth and how it sat for the weekend at the tradeshow.

Office Practicum 10x10 Tradeshow Booth

For tradeshows that don't have a full 20x20 space, the company needed a cheap and portable booth. Since this booth was going to be used for much smaller spaces, I figured it would be better as a colorful backdrop and not as an informational piece. The whole point of this booth is to be eye-catching and draw in potential clients, where the sales people could hand out documentation with more information, and give demos if presented with the opportunity.